About Charter Bahamas

We are the premier boutique Bahamas catamaran charter in the Exumas. Learn more about Charter Bahamas, our captain and our culture.

Charter Bahamas: Decades Of Experiences

Charter Bahamas was born from our decades combined expertise at our sister companies of StayLakeNorman, Norman Boats, and Carolina Gourmet.

We are focused on bringing you a seamless blend of fine boating and personalized comfort.

Our yacht charters in the beautiful Bahamas are about giving you a special experience, where every detail is taken care of with thought and attention.

Our Captain

Captain Althario Rolle, a Bahamian native with rich experience in the Bahamas Coast Guard and yacht chartering, leads your journey. He's not just a captain; he's a guide to the wonders of the sea and a chef who can turn a meal into an unforgettable part of your adventure.

With us, your time on the water is more than a trip; it’s a collection of moments tailored just for you, wrapped in the beauty of the Bahamas.
"Amazing Experience! My wife and I probably rank this as one of the best trips of our lives. The crew was caring and handled every detail perfectly. Everything from beginning to end was a pure delight. Bahamas. Exumas. Pure bliss!"

Brent Hohlweg

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Safety + Experience

At Charter Bahamas, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that every aspect of your journey is handled with expert care.

  • Trained and Experienced Crew: Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive training and experience, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.
  • Regular Safety Drills: We conduct regular safety drills and checks to ensure preparedness for any situation.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our yacht is equipped with the latest safety and navigation technology for a worry-free voyage.
  • Personalized Attention: Each guest receives personalized attention, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the trip.
  • Adherence to Regulations: We strictly adhere to all maritime safety regulations, providing peace of mind.

Your adventure with Charter Bahamas is not just about exploring the seas; it's about doing so with the assurance of safety, guided by seasoned professionals.

Launching Daily From Hurricane Hole Marina

Logo of Hurricane Hole Marina

Hurricane Hole Marina

Hurricane Hole Marina, nestled in the heart of Paradise Island in the Bahamas, stands as a premier destination for our guests at Charter Bahamas. Known for its deep-water harbor, accommodating yachts of various sizes, the marina offers an array of top-tier amenities. It's a place where convenience meets elegance, with easy access to luxury dining, shopping, and the iconic Atlantis Resort.

This marina is not just a docking spot; it's a gateway to an island experience filled with comfort and sophistication. As a favored stop for maritime enthusiasts, Hurricane Hole Marina is the perfect blend of exceptional service and a stunning location, making it an ideal starting point or pause in your sea adventure.

Check out Hurricane Hole Marina website.

Dedicated to Yachting Excellence

Meet The Team

Discover the dedicated professionals behind Charter Bahamas, each bringing their unique expertise to create your perfect yachting experience.

Profile picture of Lawrie Lawrence, CEO of Charter Bahamas
Lawrie Lawrence

At the helm of our voyage, Lawrie Lawrence infuses every charter with his love for the ocean and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences.

Profile picture of Captain Althario Rolle
Captain Althario Rolle
Captain & Chef

Navigate and dine with Captain Althario Rolle, whose deep understanding of the Bahamian seas and culinary flair add a unique touch to your journey.

Profile picture of Caleb Hannon, COO of Charter Bahamas
Caleb Hannon

Guided by Caleb Hannon, our operations are a smooth sailing adventure, ensuring every aspect of your trip is perfect.

Profile picture of Shari Thompson, CFO of Charter Bahamas
Shari Thompson

Shari Thompson brings a keen eye for detail and keeps all our operations running smoothly.


Our Guests' Experiences

We love sharing our guests unforgettable moments and adventures aboard "Bru Sea", our stunning power catamaran.

"Charter Bahamas was the best! When looking for a catamaran charter in the Bahamas, we were overwhelmed with the choices and range of prices. When we got on the phone with Charter Bahamas, they helped us plan everything and we had the trip of a lifetime."

Peter Olsacher

"My family and I had the privilege of embarking on a journey aboard "Bru Sea" with Charter Bahamas, and it was nothing short of magical. From the moment we stepped on board, Captain Althario Rolle made us feel not just welcomed, but truly part of the sea itself. His expertise and passion for the ocean transformed our voyage into an adventure we will cherish forever."

Brittany Jack & Matthew

"Amazing Experience! My wife and I probably rank this as one of the best trips of our lives. The crew was caring and handled every detail perfectly. Everything from beginning to end was a pure delight. Bahamas. Exumas. Pure bliss!"

Brent & Sandra Hohlweg

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