All Our Bahamas Yacht Trips in The Exumas

At Charter Bahamas, we understand that every voyage is as unique as our guests.

* Simple transparent pricing. We include everything in our charters. No extra fuel charges, no cost for the Captain, we even pay the taxes and charter fees. Free internet and water toys also included. Even better is that you will be aboard our brand new multi-million dollar 'Leopard 53ft Powercat' Catamaran ~ no musty run down yachts in our fleet. We are one of the best values in the Bahamas!

Day Trips

Half-Day Charter

Half-Day Charter

All Inclusive Price:
Up to 15 Guests

A 4-hour yacht charter from Nassau, Bahamas. Perfect for snorkeling and discovering pristine beaches.

Full-Day Charter

Full-Day Charter

All Inclusive Price:
Up to 15 guests

Embark on an 8-hour, full-day yacht charter in the Bahamas for a complete and luxurious catamaran experience. (up to 15 guests)

Multi-Day Trips

Multi-Day Charter with Captain

Multi-Day Charter with Captain

All Inclusive Daily Rate: 
/ day
Up To 8 Guests

Discover the Bahamas with Bru Sea Charter's Captain Only service at $24,900/week, providing a tailored yacht experience for up to eight guests. This includes luxurious accommodations and full access to all amenities for a customized maritime adventure. Note: The Food and Drink Package, curated by our culinary captain, is available as an optional add-on.

Multi-Day Charter with Captain and Chef

Multi-Day Charter with Captain and Chef

All Inclusive Daily Rate: 
/ day
Up to 6 Guests

Embark on a Bahamian yacht adventure in the Exumas with Charter Bahamas for $35,900/week, featuring gourmet dining by Chef Diann, personalized service by Captain Althario, and all-inclusive amenities for an unparalleled sea journey for up to six guests.

Special Events Trips

Bahamas Catamaran Charter

Corporate Yacht Charter

Up to 15 Guests

Elevate your corporate retreat with a bespoke yacht experience, ideal for team-building, relaxation, and networking in a luxurious setting.

Bahamas Catamaran Charter

Anniversary Yacht Charter

Up to 15 Guests

Mark your special anniversary with a memorable yacht charter, blending romance, luxury, and adventure in perfect harmony.

Bahamas Catamaran Charter

Elopement Yacht Charter

Up to 15 Guests

Our Yacht Charter Elopement offers an intimate and unique way to exchange vows, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.

Bahamas Catamaran Charter

Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Up to 15 Guests

Celebrate your union with a romantic yacht honeymoon, combining luxury, privacy, and scenic beauty for an unforgettable experience.


Our Guests' Experiences

We love sharing our guests unforgettable moments and adventures aboard "Bru Sea", our stunning power catamaran.

"Charter Bahamas was the best! When looking for a catamaran charter in the Bahamas, we were overwhelmed with the choices and range of prices. When we got on the phone with Charter Bahamas, they helped us plan everything and we had the trip of a lifetime."

Peter Olsacher

"My family and I had the privilege of embarking on a journey aboard "Bru Sea" with Charter Bahamas, and it was nothing short of magical. From the moment we stepped on board, Captain Althario Rolle made us feel not just welcomed, but truly part of the sea itself. His expertise and passion for the ocean transformed our voyage into an adventure we will cherish forever."

Brittany Jack & Matthew

"Amazing Experience! My wife and I probably rank this as one of the best trips of our lives. The crew was caring and handled every detail perfectly. Everything from beginning to end was a pure delight. Bahamas. Exumas. Pure bliss!"

Brent & Sandra Hohlweg


Have questions about planning your yacht charter? Browse through our frequently asked questions for quick answers to common queries. If you don't find what you're looking for or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

We're here to help make your yacht charter experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

How to Charter a Yacht?

Start your adventure by filling out our reservation form. After that, expect a call from us to finalize details and complete some paperwork. We'll ensure your vacation is perfectly arranged. For a more comprehensive guide, check out our article "How to Charter a Yacht in the Bahamas".

Will I Get Seasick On Your Yacht?

A catamaran is designed to be large and stable, offering a smooth sailing experience. However, it's important to note that complete prevention of seasickness can't be guaranteed. We recommend preparing with seasickness remedies if you're prone to it. Check out our article "10 Tips To Avoid Seasickness".

What Is the Best Time of Year to Charter a Yacht in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas offers distinct experiences each season.

- Winter (December to February) is cooler and popular for its calm seas;
- Spring (March to May) brings moderate weather, ideal for all activities;
- Summer (June to August) is warm and perfect for water sports, though it's also the start of the hurricane season;
- Fall (September to November) is less crowded and offers lower prices.

What Should I Pack for a Yacht Charter?

For your yacht charter, pack light and practical. Essentials include swimwear, light clothing, sun protection, a hat, and comfortable footwear. Don’t forget personal items like medications and your camera to capture the moments.

Do I need a passport to visit the Bahamas?

Yes. An international passport is required for individuals of all ages.

How do I request certain meal options?

Our team has worked on some of our favorite staples for meal options including allergen sensitive options if needed. Groceries and special food items aren't as accessible in the Bahamas as in the States so we have customized the most readily available delicious menu options for you and your guests to enjoy. Our team will work with you to ensure you have your meals planned in advance should you choose to add our chef package.

Begin Your Ultimate Bahamas Yacht Vacation Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our catamaran charter in the Bahamas, where comfort and adventure await. Start planning your dream yacht vacation in the Bahamas. We have half-day, full-day and multi-day yacht trips in the Exumas ready to be customized for you.