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Top 10 Tips To Avoid Seasickness In The Bahamas

We are here to help you with seasickness

Ahoy, sea adventurers! When you're setting sail for the stunning waters of the Exumas in the Bahamas, the last thing you want is for seasickness to rock the boat of your tranquil getaway. With our top tips to avoid seasickness, you'll be ready to embrace the ocean's embrace without fear of feeling queasy. Imagine the gentle sway of your catamaran as you glide over clear azure waters, the sun dancing on the waves – it's an idyllic scene you'll want to enjoy to the fullest.

So, let's ensure that you're well-equipped with know-how, keeping seasickness at bay as you treasure every moment aboard a charter in the Bahamas. Join us as we reveal the secrets to a serene sea experience, ensuring your vacation remains smooth sailing from start to finish.

Understanding Seasickness and it's Causes

Seasickness is a common challenge faced by many when they venture onto the waves. At its core, it's a clash between what your eyes see and what your inner ear, the part of your body that helps with balance, feels.

When you're on a boat, your inner ear senses the up and down, swaying motion of the sea, but your eyes might not match this if they're focused within the boat or on a stationary object.

This mismatch sends mixed signals to your brain, and that's when you might start to feel queasy, dizzy, or unsettled. This condition doesn't discriminate; it can affect anyone, whether it's your first time sailing or you're a seasoned mariner.

But don't fret! With an understanding of these causes, we can explore ways to prevent and manage seasickness, ensuring your time cruising through the Bahamas is as delightful as the breathtaking surroundings.

Select the Optimal Cabin Location for Stability

Stable cabin for dealing with seasickness

When you're planning your catamaran trip, think about where you'll be sleeping.

On Bru Sea, the room situated in the back of the yacht is your best bet for a steady feel. This position rides the ocean's motions with more grace, keeping those unsettling stomach flips to a minimum.

Maintain a Horizon Viewpoint

Sea horizon to deal with seasickness

Your eyes are powerful tools in preventing seasickness. By gazing at the horizon, you help your brain reconcile the difference between the visual stability and the physical motion you feel.

This can greatly reduce the chance of experiencing that not-so-pleasant queasy sensation.

Keep Your Body Nourished and Hydrated

Glass of water

Staying hydrated is essential, as dehydration can worsen seasickness symptoms. When it comes to meals, think light and simple.

Snacking on foods like bananas or crackers can keep your stomach settled, ensuring you're better equipped to adapt to the sea's movements.

Embrace the Fresh Air on Deck

Fresh air on the deck of a catamaran

Step outside for some fresh sea air. The breeze can be a natural remedy to feelings of discomfort.

It's not only soothing but also keeps you oriented to the boat's movements and connected with the outside environment, which helps manage potential seasickness.

Reduce Excessive Movement and Rest When Needed

Rest on the deck of the catamaran

If the ocean's swaying becomes overwhelming, restrain from too much activity.

Getting horizontal and closing your eyes can limit the sensory input to your inner ear, allowing your body to find its balance.

Incorporate Ginger into Your Seafaring Diet

Ginger good for seasickness

Ginger's ability to ease stomach upset is well-documented, and it has been used for generations as a seasickness combatant.

Consume ginger in whatever form you find palatable prior to and during your yacht trip to keep nausea at bay.

Utilize Acupressure Through Wristbands

These handy little bands are specifically designed to apply pressure to points on your wrist associated with nausea relief.

Unlike medication, they are without side effects and can be worn continuously as a preventative measure while you enjoy your vacation at sea.

Be Proactive with Seasickness Medication

Seasickness medication

For those who know they are prone to seasickness, pre-emptive measures with remedies like Dramamine are advisable.

Always discuss these options with your healthcare provider and follow the recommended guidelines for usage.

Gradually Get Your Sea Legs

Sea legs

If you have the opportunity, try to spend time on boats before your big trip. These smaller outings can sensitize your equilibrium to the motions of sailing, giving you an upper hand against seasickness when you set out on your grand Bahamas adventure.

Adopt a Positive, Stress-free Mindset

Convincing your mind that all will be well can influence your body's reaction to the sea. Keep a positive outlook as you board your catamaran; confidence and serenity are your allies in mitigating the effects of seasickness.


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