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What to do in the Exumas

Are you wondering about what to do in the Exumas?

Ready to discover that glittering crown jewel of the Bahamas? Let's embark on a virtual journey through this enchanting archipelago where translucent waves whisper secrets of adventure and tranquility. From island hopping on a sleek catamaran yacht charter to lounging on the prettiest beaches imaginable, the Exumas offer endless treasures for the curious traveler.

Whether it's your first time dipping your toes into its sun-drenched sands or you're a seasoned visitor seeking new escapades, this guide is your beacon to unlocking the exquisite possibilities that await in the Exumas. Join us as we unveil experiences that promise to fill your days with wonder and your heart with the warm glow of Caribbean bliss.

Unveiling the Exumas' Charm

As whispers of the Exumas' beauty travel far and wide, you may find yourself asking, "Is Exuma worth going to?" The answer lies in the sunlit mornings where gentle waves kiss powdery sands, and in the tapestry of stars that canopy the night skies. Yes, the Exumas are not just worth visiting; they capture hearts with effortless grace.

To soak in the true splendor of the Exumas, a week's stay is often perfect. It allows a leisurely exploration of both hidden delights and famed attractions, balancing relaxation with adventure. With each day spent, the connection to this paradise grows, making one week in the Exumas a slice of lifetime memories.

Throughout this archipelago of 365 cays, the allure of the Exumas comes alive in vivid hues and tranquil moments. Be drawn to Great Exuma for its bustling charm and welcoming locals or find solace in the quiet allure of Little Exuma. Yet, to truly behold the beauty that stretches through these islands, set sail on a catamaran yacht charter. It's from the deck of such a vessel that the Exumas' secrets reveal themselves. Sailing from one cay to the next, each stop unveils new adventures—be it a serene day spent on a secluded beach or an afternoon snorkeling in an underwater cave glittering with sunlight.

As your journey unfolds, every whispering palm and drifting cloud narrates a story of timelessness and beauty, inviting you to be part of the Exumas' enchanting world. Whether basking in the solitude of the less-traveled Outer Islands or mingling with sea creatures in crystal-clear waters, the experiences here are as varied as they are unforgettable.

In essence, your stay in the Exumas can be as filled with activity or as infused with the calm of still waters as you desire. From the thrill of water sports to the contentment of a sunset stroll, every moment here answers the call of the wanderlust spirit, confirming that the Exumas are a destination beyond compare.

Navigating the Archipelago – The Exumas by Car and Boat

The Exumas presents a unique blend of scattered isles, each one a world of its own, begging to be explored. As you contemplate getting around the Exumas, you might wonder about the necessity of a car. On Great Exuma and Little Exuma, a car can indeed be handy for grocery trips and jaunts to local eateries. But to truly embrace the spirit of the islands, nothing embodies the essence of island life quite like a catamaran yacht charter. This isn't just any mode of transport; it's your ticket to glide over crystal-clear waters, anchor beside secluded coves, and experience the sheer joy of sailing the Exumas. A yacht charter offers a unique perspective of the islands, unlocking hidden gems that are often inaccessible by land.

Imagine setting sail as the golden sun rises, casting a warm glow over the tranquil waters. You'll navigate past vibrant coral reefs, drop anchor to swim with friendly sea turtles, and find your own slice of beach paradise. With a private yacht charter, you're the master of your itinerary—whether you crave a leisurely afternoon adrift or an action-packed day exploring the cays.

Should you prefer solid ground beneath your feet at times, fear not. Car rentals are available, and the scenic drives along Queen's Highway provide breathtaking views and easy access to some of the Exumas’ must-visit spots. However, remember that the true magic of the Exumas isn’t found just by following the paved roads, but by sailing the path less taken on the open sea.

The Prettiest Beaches in Exuma – A Sun-Soaked Journey

When it comes to painting the portrait of the perfect beach, the illustrious sands of Exuma are the quintessential subjects. Travelers often search for the prettiest beach in Exuma, longing to stride along shores that whisper tales of the sea. The answer to this quest is painted in shades of turquoise and emerald, as the Tropic of Cancer Beach graces Little Exuma. Named after the meridian line it hugs, this beach boasts the longest stretch of powdery white sand, caressed by the gentle touch of crystal-clear waters.

As you traverse the coastline, each beach unveils its own charm and character. Coco Plum Beach, with its whimsical swings and tide pools teeming with sand dollars, invites you to linger and play. The warm waves at Jolly Hall Beach beckon you to wade in their shallows, while the secluded embrace of Three Sisters Beach offers a quiet retreat from the world.

These shores are not just places to sunbathe and swim; they are canvases where memories are painted and cares are washed away. With every gentle wave, the beaches of Exuma etch their beauty upon the hearts of those who visit, confirming their reputation as some of the most breathtaking beaches not just in the Bahamas, but the world.

To explore these exquisite shores, a catamaran yacht charter provides an unparalleled advantage. It allows you the freedom to sail from cay to cay, mooring at the edge of sands less trodden, your footsteps often the only ones to grace the beach that day. As your charter navigates the serene waters, each beach visit becomes a personal discovery, a treasure found along the Exuman jewel belt.

So, whether your pleasure comes from the lull of a hammock strung between swaying palms or the thrill of discovering a beach accessible only by sea, the beaches of Exuma are your answer. They offer up their beauty without reservation, and in return, ask only for the footprint of your memory upon their shores.

Discover by Sea: Catamaran Yacht Charter Adventures

In the Exumas, the sea is your playground, and there is no finer way to delight in its offerings than aboard a catamaran yacht charter. The gentle sway of your vessel, the sails catching the breeze, and the panoramic views of the archipelago unfurling before you craft an experience like no other. With a catamaran at your disposal, you unlock the freedom to chart a course to the Exumas' most secluded corners and vibrant hotspots.

Picture yourself gliding across the shimmering waters to the famed Pig Beach, where the swimming pigs of Big Major Cay await to share in some playful moments and one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. Dive into the clear depths at Thunderball Grotto, snorkeling through a world of marine life made famous by the James Bond film. Or, sail to the pristine calm of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, where earth’s natural splendor is preserved, and the bounty of beauty is apparent both on land and beneath the waves.

A yacht charter in the Exumas is not merely about the destinations—it's also about the serenity found on the open sea. There's an intimate magic in dining on the deck as the sun dips below the horizon or indulging in a morning swim right off the side of your private catamaran. Each day presents a new chance to chase the horizon, to find peace in the lapping waves, or to anchor by an uninhabited cay for an afternoon of sun-soaked seclusion.

The advantage of a yacht charter extends beyond mere transportation; it's an exquisite canvas on which to paint your dream vacation. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or enjoying the luxury of a crewed charter, the Exumas cater to your every whim on the water. As you plot your course through these island jewels, the yacht becomes your home, adventure vessel, and the most luxurious vantage point from which to marvel at the Exumas' enchanting dance of land and sea.

Savoring Exumas' Culinary Delights

The Exumas are not only a feast for the eyes but also a paradise for the palate. The culinary scene is an essential part of what to do in the Exumas, offering a delightful array of flavors that capture the essence of island dining. As you embark upon your gastronomic journey, prepare for a tapestry of tastes ranging from freshly caught seafood to tropical fruits bursting with flavor.

No day in the Exumas is complete without indulging in the local seafood specialties. From fried conch—a crunchy and tender delicacy—to the rich, flavorful catches of mahi-mahi, tuna, and lobster, the ocean's bounty is the cornerstone of Exuman cuisine. To truly engage with the local culture, watch as your conch salad is prepared right before your eyes, the ingredients dancing together to create a vibrant, zesty delight perfect for a sunny day by the shore.

Venturing into the local dining establishments, you'll discover a warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites you to relax and savor each bite. The Exumas' restaurants, often set against the backdrop of azure waters, encourage a leisurely pace as you sip on a refreshing rum punch or a locally brewed beer. With the slow rhythms of island music in the background, you'll understand why dining here is about more than the food—it's about savoring the moment and the view.

For those seeking a more intimate experience, a catamaran yacht charter provides the ideal setting for a private meal amidst the waves. Whether you're enjoying a chef-prepared dinner under the stars or toasting to the sunset with a glass of wine, dining aboard your yacht merges the finest Exuma flavors with the tranquility of the sea.

As you explore the islands, be sure to embrace the culinary journey as an integral part of your Exuma adventure. Whether it's a beachfront barbecue, a dockside diner, or a luxe eatery, the fusion of fresh ingredients, Bahamian spices, and heartfelt hospitality creates a dining experience that's authentically Exuman. In the Exumas, every meal is a chance to make lasting memories, one delicious bite at a time.


The Exumas, a canvas of stunning blues and lush greens, offer more than just a getaway; they present an adventure that speaks to the soul.

Whether by land or sea, each activity and hidden cove tells a story, creating an anthology of experiences that linger long after your footprints have faded from the sands. From the ease of a catamaran yacht charter to the simple pleasure of a beachfront meal, the Exumas are the answer to the call of wanderlust. So, as the sails catch the wind and the horizon beckons, chart your course to the Exumas, where every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

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